Why Betting Sites Want Documents?

Betting sites are of the utmost importance to security in order to protect the safety of their members and to strengthen the brand image of their sites. Foreign betting on live betting sites with the possibility of making live bets have increased the same amount of money. At the same time, foreign betting sites that offer live casino games have taken a number of measures in terms of personal data protection and site security.

Precautions of Betting Sites

Betting sites have secured the site itself before the security information of its members. Betting sites that protect the site from cyber attacks have taken special security measures for any viruses that may come from outside. Betting sites that work with corporate software companies often complicate the infrastructure of the site by using original codes during the software. Members cannot see the software in the infrastructure. Each point of the site actually consists of certain codes. These codes organize the appearance of the site and make it a system where members only see photos, content and links. Thanks to the codes in the infrastructure, third party access to the site has been blocked. Any person or organization cannot attempt to enter the betting site’s management panel, but it will be detected and blocked by the system. Generally, this system, which is created by blocking the IP address, is a language that only the developers can understand.


A software developer may introduce some systemic problems in order to demand money from the mentioned betting site in the future. In order to avoid such situations, betting sites work with corporate companies. The contractor may request that the contractor be responsible for the material damage that will occur in case of security vulnerability. In this way, it can prevent the software to cause any problems.

About the Security of Personal Data

Betting sites work on the security of people after securing their sites with special software. A team has been formed to identify individuals who are malicious and whose aim is not fun. The team created analyzes the players’ transactions and sends them to the manager in a suspicious situation. A number of measures were taken to prevent money laundering, nylon companies and people who wanted to smuggle out money abroad. At the beginning of these measures, payment methods should be limited. Betting sites that work with international payment methods control the withdrawal and investment limit of payment methods, and how much money a person can withdraw or deposit during the day. If the person wants to deposit more money than the specified limit, he must send an e-mail to the administration of the site in writing. Site management evaluates the situation and responds positively or negatively. Some people may play with different names or attempt to steal someone else’s bonus. In such cases, the management unit may request some documents from the suspicious person.

Requested Documents from Members

In case the site management deems necessary, the requested documents, residence certificate, photocopy of the penetration wallet, and the image of the electricity or water bill received by the person can be varied. The bookmakers can ask the suspicious member to send the required documents by mail or mail. It is also possible to remove the suspect from membership if deemed necessary. It should be remembered that the same procedure does not apply to everyone. This type of documents are not requested from users who are not in a suspicious action. In this case, it is valid for the determination of the users who behave maliciously by counting on the rights of other users, if the suspect is deemed unsuitable for membership or other sanctions, he can continue his membership and play. When the suspect becomes suspicious, he can continue to place bets on the sports branches or play the casino game.


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